House projects

Do you dream of a perfect house and want to build it easy and without any difficulties? If it is your first time and you do not know where to start, here are some guidlines: 

STEP ONE: Purchasing the lot.

Before buying the land consider a few statements:

- how you will reach the plot (public transport stops, infrastructure system, road quality)

- location (nearest shops, nearby daily facilities, distance to the city centre or other important places, neighbourhood)

- sun orientation (how the sun approaches the site)

- restrictions (there are several law restrictions concerning waste management, road, water streams constraining boundaries and distances involving the neigbours’ objects)

- relief and how it will affect your new house

- other

we recommend start looking your future site with the help of an architect, who sees immediately the site pros/cons and will consult you on the better deal.

After you will find and purchase a perfect place for you collect all documents of land ownership. Order from institutions site geodesic – topographic image. If your land use is not residential, it is necessary to change that by making a detailed site plan.  In addition, soil investigations should be carried out.

STEP TWO: conditions and architecture requirements.

This step is usually done by the architect. Before technical project connection  to the communications and utilities services conditions and special architectural requirements from municipality have to be obtained. These conditions and requirements define the basic guidelines and restrictions that have to be met while designing the object.


This step could be made earlier.

Hire a designer or architect who will understand your needs and according to the conditions of accession and the special architectural requirements will prepare a technical project for your object. Final outcome of the design should be document file which involves explanatory notes on whole project and separate parts, drawings, necessary calculations and other. This leads to issuing a building permit.

STEP FOUR: geting a building permit.

Building permit is issued by municipality administrations when special request is given. The same authority then loads the project into Lithuanian Republic building permits and maintenance information system online - where State institutions which are responsible for project requirements compliance are indicates. Currently there are 16 different institutions according to Lithuanian Republic building laws in charge of project compliance. The suggestion here is to entrust the designer to deal with this task as the building permit issuance is tricky and complicated process. The duration in order to receive the permit is up to 20 days for non-special construction type buildings (STR 1.01.07:2002) and up to 35 days for special project type buildings (STR 1.01.06:2002).

STEP FIVE: construction.

According to the difficulty of the design and technical project contractor is chosen. Actions carried out during construction can not conflict with the technical project solutions.

STEP SIX: construction completion.

After the completion of the object developer declares Completion of Construction act and registers object in the State Territorial Planning and Construction Inspection. Several necessary documents should be submitted in order to finalise registration such as building permit, official note that everything was built according to the technical project, cadastral measurements file, etc.

STEP SEVEN: use and maintenance of the building.

Use and maintenance starts after finishing the object and ends before the day of demolition or deregister from Real Estate system. It is established, that for simple objects owners or dwellers can maintain the building without any special technician help.